The Medusa Plot

The Medusa Plot

Book - 2011
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This is a good book. It kinda dragged on though.

Apr 30, 2016

C'mon! I just holded it and I am #1

Jul 20, 2015

“The 39 Clues” series are amazingly written and “The Medusa Plot,” by Gordon Korman is no exception. Let’s start off with the series. The original series were about the Clue Hunt, and the fight between different branches of Cahills, the most powerful family in the world. Those books were written with so many true facts and events, they could almost be called Non-Fiction. No I’m just joking. Now this is the second part of the series and although they are just extending the series longer then it has to be, they are still making the storyline intriguing.
The Medusa Plot well describes this book for reasons that I cannot say to prevent this from being a spoiler. This book is completely related to Medusa in some way. This book starts off with the kidnappings’ of different Cahills. The kidnapped being Fiske Cahill, Reagon Holt, Natalie Kabra, Nellie Gomez, Alistair Oh, Ted Starling, and Phoenix Wizard. There is no respective order of when they were kidnapped because they were all kidnapped at the same time. Back in Attleboro, Amy and Dan Cahill were almost kidnapped. If it weren’t for Dan, they would be with the other victims in a cell. When they reach home, they find out about these kidnappings. While talking about this, someone had parachuted a cell phone to them. No company, no model. When it’s turned on, a message appears from this mysterious being who calls himself Vesper One. The message was commanding Dan and Amy to go to Florence, Italy. If they did not reach there by the next morning, one of the hostages would die. William McIntyre tells them about the Vespers. Not much, but who the founder/ ancestor was. Damien Vesper, a great alchemist whose research was destructive. Dan and Amy reach Florence the next morning and it is there where the real story begins.

Jun 01, 2015

I liked it a lot, really good book! recommend it.

May 01, 2015


Oct 06, 2014

Having thoroughly enjoyed the first series, I was excited to discover that this second series existed. Leading pretty much straight on from where I left off (minus a small adventure with the Vespers in some sort of bridging book I seemed to have missed), Amy and Dan are thrust into yet another difficult situation as the evil Vespers kidnap their friends and force them to carry out certain crimes if they ever want to see them alive again.

One of the things I loved in the original series was the way characters started out as complete stereotypes (the cunning Lucians, the strong Tomas, smart Ekats etc) and gradually, as you got to know them, they grew and became more complex. Now that their infighting is (mostly) behind them, it's fun to see the young Cahills banding together to fight a much bigger external threat. All of my favourite characters from the last series are back and there's mystery and adventure a-plenty to keep me entertained.

Another thing I loved in the original was the way you got to learn about history without even meaning to. This time, we are on the trail of some famous (and somewhat more obscure) artists in Italy. While never intruding on the pace of the story, I enjoyed discovering places and paintings I'd never heard of and losing myself (along with Amy and Dan) in the catacombs beneath Rome.

All in all, an amazing start to what promises to be an even more exciting series (if that's possible). Can't wait to get stuck into book 2!

Aug 31, 2014

Amazing book. Fun to read and suspence filled. Anyone will love this!!! It is an amazing book

Jun 07, 2014

As good as always!

Mar 13, 2014

Great book! I thought the sequel to the 39 clues would be bad but i was proven wrong. Can't wait to read the next book! :)

Jul 05, 2013

Yasirner THAT part was soooo funny!!!!!!!!! LOL

May 25, 2013

OMG I love this series, I was kinda sad when the first series ended but this series is just as good :D

May 21, 2013

Could not finish this terribly written book.

Jul 17, 2012

ekats rule! this book was supercalifragalisticespialidosios

Kdmullerspy Jul 06, 2012

Great book, the adventure goes ON!

sterek Jun 28, 2012

I was so excited to finally get this book last October, my hands were shaking before even opening the package! Gordon Korman did NOT disappoint! Just like Rick Riordan did an amazing job in the previous series, I think Gordon did equally awesome at introducing the newest threat.

Apr 24, 2012

@Liufangx I know right :P
Remember the part when Dan was talking to himself and said, "Nellie wasn't just shot by a nerg gun, xD!"

Apr 03, 2012

Book 2 is awsome....just to tell yah!!!!!!!!!

Mar 20, 2012


Liufangx Feb 19, 2012

The book is really good. Some parts are really funny! :-}

Nivak23 Jan 29, 2012

The starting of the World's End

Jan 22, 2012

its real ! am an lucian for real. read the black book and help me defeat the Vespers.Clue:myyrh A.X.H.

Jan 09, 2012

Poor Nellie! I am so Glad They Continued on with this Series! I am On The new book now and its awesome! But I hope nellie gets Better!

Spolier alert

She dose!

reddevil7910 Dec 17, 2011

This book was amazing!Very action packed and entertaining!I just wanted to keep reading right to the end!

Nov 27, 2011

yo! I heard book three is call the dead of night, sounds awsome! also why thinktink are you soo mad it's just a lie not like 2 billon get over with it! also......... I LOVE 39 CLUES AWSOME! did you know my branch is magrigal it's in my veins i even did this test 20 times and it said i was a magrigal Yay me! what branch are you? take the test at! also nellie get's shot cool and sad at the same time

Captain_America Nov 23, 2011

Great book! I would've given it 5 stars, but there is one sentence that made me MAD!!!! It's in the part when Dan, Amy, Atticus and Jake are in the coliseum. Jake says, "Those stories have been grossly exagerated over the centuries. We now know that tales of Christians being thrown to wild carnivores are just myths. .” That is TOTALLY untrue!!!!! I can’t believe someone would write that in a book!! It is a complete lie! Thousands of Christian were persecuted for their Faith! Maybe I should give Gordon Korman the benefit of the doubt that it was just a typo . . . But still, I couldn't believe it! It makes me SO mad! Anyway, other than that terrible lie, it was a very good book

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