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Settle for More

Book - 2016
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Jun 11, 2019

she got a fabulous gig as a daytime talkshow host, in the a.m., and then she blew it, by speaking her mind, fearlessly, and the PC crowd didn't like what she had to say, so she lost the gig. i guess to those people, 'Freedom of Speech' means if they don't like what you have to express, they are free to punish you for saying it.

May 11, 2019

Though a solid read, I feel like the book put too much emphasis on the "infamous" debate moment, when it wasn't really that big of a deal. Other than that, the book was a good read throughout, detailing Kelly's life, and some of the great personalities at Fox News. Overall, I give this book an 8/10, and a "Would Recommend Reading" review.

Oct 05, 2018

Great read with a lot of insight on inner workings at Fox News. Kelly seems like a real journalist, unlike the Sean Hanity/Russ Limbaugh types, and her recent interview with Putin was probably the best ever done- she held Putin's feet to the fire and didn't let him get away with BS.

Oct 28, 2017

Sorry, I cannot rely on someone who works for main stream media. 90% of main stream media is run by 6 companies GE, News Corp, Disney, Viacom, Time Warner and CBS. It's an illusion of choice. Look under each of the 6 corporations and we see who controls the news we have available.

Jun 14, 2017

The book is over-rated. It remains to be seen whether she is.

Jun 13, 2017

// one of the most respected, hardest-hitting TV journalists in America . . \\
Good grief!!!! Who writes this drivel???
No, I did not read this book nor am I attending to - - Fake News is sooo pervasive today, is it any wonder the typical American adult is incapable of adult-level discourse?

Jun 13, 2017

I thought this book was wonderful, and I barely knew who Megyn Kelly was before I read it. It was intelligently written and engaging, and I loved all the tidbits of wisdom and life lessons woven into her stories.

Apr 16, 2017

I'm not a reader so most likely my opinion should not count for much. Most of the reading I found quite boring, but there were a few interesting segments. She is obviously an attractive, free-spirited woman. Glad she is not of a faith that suffocates her as so many females are in this world. Good luck to her and any more like her out there.

Mar 16, 2017

The only thing I knew about Megan Kelly - prior to reading this - is that she is on Fox, had some sort of kerfuffle with Trump, and spoke out when Gretchen Carlson accused Roger Ailes of sexual harassment. Because I wanted to read in depth about the 2nd and 3rd items, I read her book but oh, what a waiting game she played. First I had to learn her whole life story. A good story has an arc, and something or someone changes what you first believed. To say this book has no arc is putting it mildly. Even the Trump incident, when all was said and done, had her cozying back up to him. Yes; we all know he's a bastard; so what is to be learned of her making nice with him after all that was said and done?

If you care only about the same incidents as me, read the book from page 200 onward and you can learn what she has to say about the things you care about. Read the whole book and you'll learn about so much more, all of it a giant yawn.

Feb 16, 2017

An easy read and an interesting story. Ms. Kelly is fearless but I guess you would have to be going from lawyer to the news business. Both are jobs that could eat the avg. person alive!
It does not appear (according to the book) that she comes from money. She remarks how she (like many other young people) was saddled with a mountain of student debt from college and eventually a law degree. But she came out the other side and had successful careers in both law and television. Now that she has left Fox news, I am curious what the next chapter will be!

Jan 12, 2017

Really enjoyed the book overall. Impressed with the transition from lawyer to journalist.

Mark_Daly Jan 05, 2017

Sometimes wry, often earnest, with a few previously undisclosed nuggets of fact about the 2016 presidential election and Fox News. Political and media junkies may want to skip the early chapters on junior high and high school, and the intermittent self-help pep talks.

Dec 20, 2016

I loved this book. Megyn is a brave, strong, woman with a great message.

Dec 17, 2016

Run of the mill and a waste of time.

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