The Gathering Storm

The Gathering Storm

Book - 2009
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Gathering of Storms seemed to be the height of Rand’s perpetual madness. The constant mistrust and deceit from individuals led to a breaking point that is exploited within the novel. Rand’s removal of forsaken and attempts to unite humanity under one banner leave his closest friends horrified as he simply removes people from existence. Lews Therin continues to drive Rand mad. Despite this being the last novel he had worked on personally, Robert Jordan’s illustration of the Wheel of Times world is something rare and far between. The last three books of this series certainly feel as if they should have been one individual book. All and all though this book is another great piece of literature. Rating 4.5/5 @Ezekiel_Hannegan of the Yorba Linda Public Library Teen Book Bloggers

Dec 08, 2018

The Gathering Storm is such a great improvement over the last few Wheel of Time books, it's almost surprising. The plot that slowed down around A Crown of Swords actually starts moving again and stuff happens! While Brandon Sanderson's writing style is different than Robert Jordan's, I enjoyed it and found it less confusing. The characters seemed pretty much the same to me and I have to say that Sanderson did a good job.
This book mostly focuses on Rand and Egwene, but that was fine with me. I think that Egwene should really be considered the main heroine of this novel as we finally see the White Tower conflict resolved and see her have a somewhat happy conclusion at the end. Rand was kind of dislikable for most of this book because his insanity reaches its peak and he was just really cold and mean. (Although it looks like he changes at the end, but I can't be too sure). I also really liked how many of the characters reflected on their previous adventures from past books. This was something that I noticed they did not do before. I also should add that another thing that I liked was how Brandon Sanderson did not spend unnecessary amounts of time on what the female characters were wearing like Robert Jordan did. Anyways, while I thought that this book was a little extreme at times, I think that it was interesting and I am excited to continue onto Towers of Midnight and see where the plot goes next.

Jul 23, 2012

Brandon Sanderson does a good job picking up the series in this book. He writes close enough to Robert Jordan's style to keep the series flowing smoothly, but tones down some of the authorial tics that started to grate after eight thousand or so pages of Jordan's writing. (So much braid-tugging, dismissive sniffing, and "wool-headed sheepherder"ing.) The plot keeps moving (a good change after the dragging Crossroads of Twilight), and we can see the Last Battle drawing near.

Mar 01, 2012

Brandon Sanderson does such a good job on this book! I like how he didn't try to mimic Robert Jordan's style, but just wrote in his own style. Although this makes it seem different from Robert Jordan's books, it is still great! He really picks up the series and gets it moving along.

Nov 29, 2010

After almost becoming fed up with the series because of incredibly slow progress, I am happy to say that this installment reignited the magic for me. Faster pace, consistent writing, enjoyable all in all.

aaronjacklin Sep 09, 2010

My wife read it first and I could tell it wasn't Jordan by glancing at a random page - shorter paragraphs and more dialogue per page.

When I finally got to read it, none of that mattered. Sanderson doesn't try to copy Jordan's style. Instead he gets the spirit of the world and the characters right.

The story moves quickly and resolves a major conflict that has been building for at least half the series. Can't wait for the next installment.

Sep 03, 2010

This is one of the best books in the Wheel of Time series. I cannot wait to see how it concludes in the next two volumes.

Jul 24, 2010

I really enjoyed this volume in the Wheel of Time series. Don't know if most die-hard Robert Jordan fans will but I think Sanderson did a good job of maintaining Jordan's style. This volume moved along a bit faster than some of the previous eleven, partly because of the events themselves.
I liked that the various plot threads 1) were visited more often so I did not forget what was going on there and 2) are beginning to come together.

Jun 10, 2010

I absolutely loved this book and welcomed the fresh perspective by Sanderson. Moves along at a more rapid pace then Jordan and doesn't seem to get bogged down.
Keeps true to Jordan's characters, although Mat was a bit serious in this one.
Can't wait for the next book!

Feb 09, 2010

The new author does pretty well taking over such a well established group of characters. The things I noticed were that he did very little describing of what people were wearing compared to what Jordan did, especially the Aes sedai women.
I also missed the explicative "blood and bloody ashes" which was nowhere to be seen.
He also seems a lot more tenative when it comes to violent images.

Dec 20, 2009

It was definitely good. Not as good as the first few books in the series of course. There were a few times when I did notice a change in style. It wasn't a bad thing though. You could tell Sanderson was having fun writing this book.

Lorna Dec 10, 2009

A worthy successor to the previous 11 books in the series with seamless writing between the two authors.
video interview with Brandon Sanderson:

book_devourer Nov 09, 2009

Wonderful, wonderful, wonderful. It is impossible to tell how much if any was written by Jordan and how much by Sanderson. Sanderson seamlessly picks up the heart and soul of the story and his words carry it along beautifully.
That is the tell-tale sign of a good writer: one who is able to take on a voice that is not there own.

Oct 30, 2009

What a fabulous book! Some of the major plot threads come together. You feel true emotions while reading the book, satisfied at the end and excited for the next book! A wonderful read!

Sep 14, 2009

Book written by Robert Jordan and Brandon Sanderson. Completed after Robert Jordan's death.

This is part I of the Memory of Light, the final installment of the wheel of time series.

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