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A classic tale of lovers torn apart by two different worlds.
Publisher: New York : New Yorker Video, [2001]
Edition: Widescreen ed
ISBN: 9781567302455
Branch Call Number: DVD CHUNHYANG
Characteristics: 1 videodisc (120 min.) : sd., col. ; 4 3/4 in


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Feb 10, 2017

The setting:
Namwon town of Honam Province
was known as Dae- bang region long ago.
On the east is Chiri Mountain.
On the west is Chuksung River.
Water flowed southwards
with high mountains above.
Full of spiritual energy,
Namwon bred many pretty people.
With endless graves of loyal officials,
can unswerving loyalty not exist?
In King Sukjong's early reign,
there lived the only son of a local governor.
He was 15 years old.
Since he was handsome and righteous, he was a great man.
On one fine day, he called his servant Pangja...
- Hey Pangja!
Yes master.
-I've been here several months, but I've yet to go sightseeing. Do you know of any good places?
Why does a diligent student like you need to know?
-You're foolish. All the greatest scholars have visited famous sights. So tell me now.
As you wish Master Lee. I will tell you ... Out the north gate, Kyoryong Fortress is a good place. Out the west is Sonwon Temple ...

Feb 10, 2017

The sighting:
"I didn't recognize spring's arrival. "
"But everywhere, peach
flowers blossomed already. "
"A pair of butterflies
left the peach flower,
but they returned missing it. "
White and red flowers.
White and red flowers from the flowery forest an angelic girl appears. Like the sun or moon, this beautiful girl appears. She arrives in a forest, to have a swing, with a girl about her age. The long twisted ropes, she grabs them with her delicate hands. She leans once, and swings up. She leans again, and swings back. If she flies higher, she'll meet the Sowangmo angel. If she flies lower, she'll meet the ancient Yoji empress. She is a girl, but also an angel. One moment she's far away, the next she's very close. Her swings in and out are like a swallow's springs. Her lovely motions put Mongryong in a spell.

Feb 10, 2017

The meet:
Oh master... Many officials, penniless rakes, and even nobles of Namwon tried endlessly to seduce her, but they all failed.
-That's nonsense. The world's precious beauties are destined to have an owner. So go and get her.
She cursed me in words I didn't understand. And told me to repeat them to you.
-What words?
She said, "the wild geese desires flowers... " ... or was it the other way.
-Really? They're not insults but a proverb with deep meaning. Like the wild geese desire the sea
the crabs their holes, and a butterfly's flower, "The wild geese desire the sea, the crabs desire their holes, and a butterfly desires a flower. " She wants me to go to her place. Let's go.

Feb 10, 2017

The Book of 1000 Characters is the base of Korean classics. Because each character has profound meaning. The sky was created on the first hour. Before four seasons existed, in the empty space lies the 'sky' The earth was created on the second hour. Since it's composed of minerals, wood, water, and fire, everything is born and raised by the 'earth'. The profound and delicate color of the North God is 'black'. The color symbolizing the first of the five musical scales, and the center of four sides is 'yellow'. We can see thousands of miles away on the large and high 'pavilion'. Through the past and the present is the infinite and endless 'space'. The nine rules, spread by Kija, that govern the heaven and earth is "broad. "

Feb 10, 2017

But... Since the future is unforeseeable please vow... your eternal love for me.
-My love for you will never change like the sun and the moon.
A few days ago I saw Chunhyang at Kwangharu, and instantly adored her like a butterfly desiring a flower. How would you feel if I take Chunhyang's hand as my wife?
-You're the son of a noble, but chunhyang is of a low class. If the butterfly just came to pick the flower and leave, our world will be miserable.
Although a lotus blossoms from clay, it's clean and enchanting and its scent travels for miles. Scent more farther and purer The farther a lotus scent travels the fresher and purer. Your scent is full of the Namwon Your scent fills my room and intoxicates me. Instead of the lotus you're the best flower, Chunhyang.

Feb 10, 2017

My husband, take this drink. While you travel to Seoul, think of my love for you when you see the blue river.
-Our enemy is not a person the enemy is the class that divides us. Chunhyang, take this mirror. My love is as pure as the mirror's reflection. Cherish it and think of me when you use it.
Take this ( a jade ring,) my husband. My unchangeable love is the same as the color of a jade. Think of me when you see it.
When we met the first time, what did you say? We swore to the mountains and the ocean with the sun and the moon as our witnesses... Until the mulberry field becomes the sea or the sea becomes the mulberry field, we will never part. Not even a year has past, and you're saying farewell? There is the cloud you swore on. Speak to me. Speak to me.

Feb 10, 2017

As she sees her husband leave,
she sees this much of him
and that much of him,
like a distant moon,
like a distant star,
and then like a butterfly...
I long to go.
Long to go.
I long to follow my lover,
for one thousand miles,
for even ten thousand miles.
Where the wind rests,
where the clouds rest,
where all animals rest, even a wild falcon,
where they all rest
at Dongsul's high ridge.
But will cross it over
to follow my love.
The Jiknya star in the heavens,
even when the Milky Way blocks it,
the Gyunwoo star
can always see it once a year.
The place where my beloved stays,
what milky way is blocking him,
that makes me see him no more?
I want to die,
and become a spring swallow,
so can fly above my beloved's roof
and build my nest under the eaves.
I'll meet him
in the middle of the night,
and make love to him till dawn.

Feb 10, 2017

-I'm not listed as a courtesan and lived my life as a fair lady.
That gives you no reason to do as you please. By law and custom, it's natural to serve your new governor. Stop your nonsense and get ready for him.
-If my husband never returns, I'll be chaste until I die. So please reconsider.
A chaste courtesan's daughter is ridiculous. My mother would faint if she heard this.
-Be it your mother or I, fidelity is the same. But does class make us different?
-A governor is loyal to one king. A wife is loyal to one husband. But would you fall on your knees
and serve two kings, governor?
You'll be the Yin, such as the 'earth', 'shade,' 'wife', and 'woman'.
I'll be the Yang, such as the 'sky', 'sun', 'light', husband', and 'man'.
'Son' become a word 'woman' and 'like'
We will live happily forever when we become 'one'.

Feb 10, 2017

The count of ten hits, part 1 of 2:
She moves her head in a shape of a 'one' stares into Hakdo's eyes and cries out... I'll tell you 'one'
One and only one! My love is only for one man! So why are you doing this to me! Just kill me! ... I'll tell you 'two. 'Two can never be! What's the difference between loyalty to a husband, and a minister's to a king? I know a woman's duty so how can serve two men? This is impossible. So
can't accept two! (After the third hit...) In our three lives in my three obligations, I'm loyal to my father my husband, and my son! I'm not a whore! So just kill me!

Feb 10, 2017

The count of ten hits, part 2 of 2:
(After the fourth hit...) A noble governor like you do you not know any justice? Even if you tear me into four pieces, and hang them on the four gates I still won't accept you! (After the fifth hit...) You rode with five horses. So keep this country's five ethics! (Afer the sixth hit...) I have six organs, and my love is in each one of them. So it's useless for you to tear them apart! (After the seventh hit...) If you raised a seven- foot sword, and cut off my head like a horse, it's no use! (After the eighth hit...) Try as many as eight hundred times, but my love will never change! (After the ninth hit...) You're the King's official!
So stop your corruptive ways! My intestine has nine curves.My love flows deep in them! (After the tenth hit...) Ten cries for my love!

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Feb 10, 2017

Remake of "Seong Chunhyang 1961" and based on the Korean centuries old romantic pansori folk song 春香歌 == 춘향가. Story of a pair of young lovers in times that class had a definite order. Filmed with picturesque cinematography and settings with beautiful lyrics (see "Quotes.". "The Servant 2010" and the TV mini-series "方子传 Bang Jack Chronicles 2015" are variances that are no match to the originals in mho.

d2013 May 03, 2013

Great Korean folk tale from another time. Slow paced though, due to it's operatic take.


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