The Women

The Women

DVD - 2008
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Clothing designer Mary Haines lives in a beautiful country home with her wealthy financier husband and their 11-year-old daughter. Her best friend Sylvie Fowler is the editor at a prominent fashion magazine. The woman dictate the latest trends in taste and style for New York City fashionistas. When Mary's husband becomes involved with perfume salesgirl Crystal Allen at Saks Fifth Avenue, her friendship with Sylvie is put to the test. Everyone in their close-knit circle of friends, including the ever-pregnant Edie Cohen and author Alex Fisher, begins to question their loyalty to each other and their romantic involvements.


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Sep 09, 2018

A comedy drama on the sheltered lives of a small circle of "power women" in 2009. As Michael commented on Mar 28, 2008. not a single male appeared on screen, not inside a crowded restaurant nor in busy shopping areas in NYC. But the film dropped some names of bad men (husbands, fathers, bosses and even a new born infant.) In the extras, it showed some parallel clips of the 1939 original with Norma Shearer, Joan Crawford, Rosalind Russell, Paulette Goddard, Joan Fontaine etc. Per wiki, even the pets were also female in the 1939 film.

Dec 13, 2017

Dated and superfluous. Indeed, the archetypical "Ugly American" personified in these greedy, shallow, narcisistic vipers who contribute nothing positive to society. Sad.

Feb 16, 2015

Another intersting movie, no men at all in the movie though references are made to men. Enjoyed this movie

Jan 18, 2013

To think I was ready to stop this movie on the DVD player after only four minutes! I'm glad I stayed the course, it was very funny, you'll like it, just don't stick around for the "extras" or your enjoyment may diminish.

Jan 02, 2013

I chose this randomly and liked it a lot. Now I want to see the original.

Dec 15, 2012


EuSei Jun 14, 2012

This movie is a travesty of the original 1939 “The Woman,” with classy Norma Shearer as the main character. They twisted the plot so much they even added a couple of lesbians; why, I’m still pondering and can’t understand. Watch the original: even in B&W it’s far superior! NOTICE: Attempts to censor (“Report this”) my comments will be fiercely fought under the aegis of American Libraries’ beloved principles: Freedom of Speech, Freedom to Read, Intellectual Freedom.

pkcapc May 26, 2011

This is a truly boring, silly movie of women with no true substance. Use it as a great movie to run as background while you multi-task on something else, like making dinner or cleaning house.

Jul 29, 2009

Thank goodness neither women nor the fashion industry bear any resemblance to this cheap, demeaning mock-up of both. (Did anyone else cotton to the paradox that the clothing Meg Ryan's reformed character wears on the street looks so much better than her hideous runway designs?)

Mar 28, 2009

I'm a guy, but as a movie buff too, I had to throwi-in my 2 cents worth on a movie that is the quintessential chick flick.

There are no on-screen male roles in this movies - no Mr. Big like in "Sex and the City" - whose style this tries so hard to emulate. It's a remake of a 1939 classic that also had no men - the entire cast of 130 actors were all female - so I give it props for applying the past to the present.
I also like that it took the notion of viewing generational differences in women and their love lives. That was an eye-opener in pre-war 1939. It's no less relevant social commentary, today.

"The Women" (2008) looks at almost all female generational perspectives under the sun thru' its characters:
There's a family's matriarch, played irreverently by Candice Bergen; and her winsome but wayward daughter Mary, played by Meg Ryan; and their smart, pushing precocious, grand-daughter/daughter.
Add to that Sylvie - Mary's college best friend, still single, childless, but editor of a popular woen's fashion magazine - played capriciously by Annette Bening (wow -she looks and acts more and more like Diane Keaton - the woman Warren Beatty used to be with before he married Bening: Check it out - she's "Annette Hall"!); and Edie, Mary's other best friend -the antithesis in style and demeanor but with lots of kids and expecting another - played just crazy enough by Debra Messing; and rounding out the "best friends" circle is Jada Pinkett Smith's all too forgettable role as a lesbian fifth wheel.

Eva Mendes, as "the other woman", effectively brings out the claws, and adds to an eclectic ensemble cast including Cloris Leachman, Bette Midler, and a not-too-Princess Leia-like Carrie Fisher!
With a packed all-star female cast like that... who needs men?

They're almost always alluded to in a negative context, anyway!
Mary's two-timing father throws her out of the family business.

Mary's own no-good cheating husband is also a cad!

Sylvie's boss threatens to fire her unless she becomes more chic.

Edie's husband is always "knocking her up".

Bette Midler's character has dumped 5 husbands for one bad reason or another.

Sheesh - Is it any wonder Jada Pinkett's character only wants to bed women?!
To make this all work, of course, a lot of what takes place in the movie had to be "thrown-off" - not played straight or seriously, but semi-glossed - like the nail-polishing Sylvie first gets from an all-too talkative manicurist with a knack for gossip and spilling the beans on Mary's unfaithful husband.

That scene set the tone for the movie - light and airy with just enough seriousness as to feign respect for the problems of women world-wide, while playing slap-stick with truth and reality in its quest for laughs.
It worked for me - more times than it didn't! But what do I know - I'm just a guy...
Watching it with an equally split group of men and women, I have to report that the men were far more forgiving to this film, despite the fact it clearly paints men out to be the villains in most relationships.
I expected to see greater acceptance from the women in our group - but some of them were totally unforgiving, while the rest were unhappy with the stereotyping and that so much was 'thrown-off' in order to exact a comedic twist to the various ironies the film tried so hard to reveal in women's lives.
The one redeeming grace we all agreed on was that this is a film that teaches this one eternal lesson: That before finding love with a man, a woman must truly love and know herself.
As a man, I echo that as a lesson relevant to all genders! If you really want it to work - you better love yourself before trying to love others!
And for that reason, (plus I'm a Meg Ryan/Candice Bergen/Annette Bening fan!) and the fact this movie makes you think, when it does get serious on its audience every now and then - I have to say: I liked it well enough to recommend it!

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Sep 19, 2018

17 quotes in IMDb but not these below:
I'm sorry, men have a hard time being with a successful woman. So we shrink to fit, like you.
I do know that a woman never steals another woman's husband. They usually go willingly.
I know so many women like you. You have your fancy friends and your nice houses... your calendars are full of social events and shopping dates and charity lunches... to make you feel like you're doing something with your lives. But eventually, you stop paying attention to your men. They get lonely. And they come looking for someone who makes them feel appreciated again.
Stephen would never like anything that, uh, trashy (outfit).
-Well, if Stephen doesn't like anything I'm wearing, I take it off.
Wouldn't it be just great if when you're born, they give you a rulebook... so every time you came up against something you had no idea how to handle... you just look it up in the book and there would be the answer?

Sep 19, 2018

17 quotes in IMDb but not these below:

I think real beauty is real authenticity. And it's pretty much as simple as that. I think a sense of humor is really a beautiful thing. People become beautiful when you feel their confidence. Because the beautiful thing about being a woman is that we are so many things. Honestly, it takes some cultivation to know who you are... with all the mixed messages and different kind of cultural demands... of who you should be. Be kind to yourself. Because I promise you, it will come and it will evolve... and you will see just how spectacular your "differences" are. Being a woman is a gift.

Sep 19, 2018

17 quotes in IMDb but not these below:

Would you like to get a facelift in a jar?
-This is my face, deal with it.
"There's a fine line between an outfit and a getup. "
Mary, what are you doing? Are you having sex?
-Would I be on the phone with you?
Don't answer that.
You just don't understand how much better it is... being in a relationship with a woman. If we're lost, we both ask for directions. When we watch TV,
we watch one show at a time. Nobody drinks out of the milk carton or asks you to pull their finger... or obsesses over their decreasing ability to piss 30 feet. And when we have sex... Oh, no, my... neither one of us wants it with the lights on.
But there's no sex like the kind you have when you love somebody... and they love you back.


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EuSei Aug 12, 2012

EuSei thinks this title is suitable for 18 years and over

Mar 28, 2009

Michael thinks this title is suitable for 14 years and over


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Mar 28, 2009

a chick-flick comedy about finding out what you really want

before finding love with a man, a woman must truly love and know herself.


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