Formosa Betrayed

Formosa Betrayed

DVD - 2010
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When a Taiwanese-American professor is murdered, FBI agent Jake Kelly races to track the killers back to Taiwan. Kelly soon finds himself immersed in a dangerous conspiracy as he dodges forces ranging from the U.S. State Department to the Chinese Mafia.


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Jul 28, 2017

This island has been controlled by foreigners for a long time. To establish control Chiang Kai-Shek imposed martial law. It didn't matter that people here were harassed, arrested, tortured. It didn't matter that people here were forced to speak Mandarin. We were fined for speaking our own language, Taiwanese. In America, Wen was able to write about all these things. There are eighteen million native Taiwanese on this island, but about two million mainland Chinese rule them. And the minute your President Nixon shook the hand of Chairman Mao, the government saw their days were numbered. They are desperate.
-Desperate enough to kill an American on America soil?
Kill the chicken, to scare the monkey.
-Kill the chicken, to scare the monkey?
Fear made us lose our awareness. It can turn us into cowards as well.
Mao shook hands with Nixon in Beijing on February 22, 1972.
Martial law lasted over 38 years from May 1949 to July 1987.

Jul 28, 2017

It was a pro-democracy rally. The government needs no publicity about 228.
*** More details on 228 from wiki's write-up "White Terror" ***
On February 28, 1947, we native Taiwanese got together and demanded for justice and order. They responded by sending a battalion to kill us. They were very specific about who they killed. They killed politicians, businessmen, journalists, intellectuals, anybody who could create a government. An entire generation of leaders. My father was a civil engineer. He was taken from my house and dragged to the river with five other unlucky men. They were tied together, they shot one of them in the head and he dragged the four others down with him.

Jul 28, 2017

Because of events like those portrayed in this film, Taiwan became a democracy. Today China has more than and has threatened to use force if it declares independence. Today there are 23 countries that recognize Taiwan as a sovereign nation. The U.S. is not one of them. *** Latest count is down to 21 countries ***
If I may remind you Agent, it is a felony to withhold evidence.
-You signed the same oath I did to uphold the Constitution against all enemies, foreign and domestic.
Don't you start with me.
-I did not join the FBI to observe people getting murdered!
You gotta be true to yourself, huh? Do the right thing, only you know what that is?
-That's very Chinese of you Tom.
Yeah, coming from you, I take that as a compliment.


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Jul 28, 2017

A gripping political thriller on one diplomatic incident in 1983 when Taiwan was under martial law that ended in the summer of 1987. the film unfolded with a young FBI agent's murder investigation of a Chinese American in Chicago and ended up with the agent embroiled in brutal local politics while pursuing suspects in Taiwan, formerly known as "Formosa" in the west -- Portuguese: "Ilha Formosa, Beautiful Island, 美麗寶島." The thriller part was adequate that it was based on true events. The main draw was history lessons on the young Asian Tiger Taiwan, particularly the struggle of its indigenous Taiwanese - native Formosans (228 Incident, Bamboo Union resistance, martial law and the one China US policy in 1979.) Inspired by a 1965 book of the same name, written by the US diplomat George H. Kerr (Read excerpt from book in "Summary.")

Jan 17, 2012

Inspired by actual events. It's informative for people interested in international politics and intrigue (Taiwan, China and US)


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Jul 28, 2017

The February Incident, 1947
Murder in the Park and Mobs in the Street

ON THE EVENING OF February 27 a cigarette vendor and her two small children set up a portable stand under the banyan tree in Round Park. On it were a few packs of cigarettes and several coins with which to make change if she were lucky enough to make a sale.

Monopoly Bureau agents appeared, accused the woman of handling untaxed cigarettes, and seized her small stock with her tiny reserve of cash. People began to gather round. When she screamed in protest, seizing the arm of one of the agents, she was brutally struck down and pistol-whipped about the head. At this the angry crowd moved on the agents. Firing wildly, they opened a way for themselves to escape to a nearby police box. Behind them one person lay dead and the vendor appeared to be dying.

When gendarmes appeared, summoned by the civil police, the crowd permitted them to take the Monopoly Bureau agents away, but then promptly burned the Monopoly Bureau truck and its contents in the street.

On the next morning (February 28) a crowd estimated at about 2000 marched in orderly fashion from the Round Park area to the Monopoly Bureau Headquarters, carrying banners and slogan-placards which had been prepared during the night.


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