Bear Feels sick! His friends want him to come out and play, but he feels too unwell to go. So all of his friends pitch in to help him feel better. They start a fire to warm him and feed him healing broth. They sing until he falls asleep. They watch over him until he feels better.

The illustrations are done in acrylic paint. They are absolutely adorable and colorful. The facial expressions are well done. The pictures give you a warm and fuzzy feeling.

I adored this book! The rhyming was simple and not overdone. It was just enough to convey the message of the story. The friends all gather around and soothe Bear. They don't tell him to buck up and get over himself. Instead they do everything they know how to do to make him feel better. But most importantly, they surround him with their caring. I love the surprise and funny ending.

Advertized for ages 3-8. I think ages 2-7 would highly enjoy this book. This story is perfect for a read aloud during illness.

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