Kathryn Erskine’s Mockingbird was indeed a unique book. A former colleague of mine had Aspergers Syndrome and I know that he struggled trying to fit in at work and to be understood.

While I consider myself well read and knowledgeable on Aspergers, this book did give me a view of this disability through the eyes of someone with Aspergers. I do recommend that any person working with someone with Aspergers read this book; it might help you to understand your colleague a little better and help you to be more patient, sympathetic and forgiving when they do not understand some people’s nature, the way they express themselves and what you are really saying.

Any parent dealing with a child with Aspergers should read this book, perhaps it may help you understand the challenges your child experiences in understanding the true meaning behind what they hear. Highly recommended by Senior-Doctor-at-Bass-Fishing! D. A.

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