Schmaltzy, formulaic, and ridiculous. Joey, the adopted boy at the center of the story, is just too precious for words. Like over-the-top precious. His biological parents, Wendy and Rip (!), are cookie-cutter white trash - Daddy is an abusive drunk, Mommy is a long-suffering Victim. The adoptive parents, Molly and Jack, are perfect in every way - rich, beautiful, hopelessly in love.

Wendy and Rip decide they want Joey back and, due to a technicality, the judge has to allow it. So Molly and Jack decide they're going to flee the country with Joey to keep that from happening. Luckily, they're rich, and Jack has Connections, so they're able to start putting their plan into effect. But Molly's religious sister and lifelong best friend Beth figures things out and reports them to the social worker and to Wendy. Her best friend in the world. Exposes their plan. Because it's the Right Thing To Do. And because what they're doing somehow goes against God.

Of course, because this is a Very Special Episode-type book, everything works out well for Molly and Jack (oh yeah, and for Joey). And because (somehow) it was God's Plan that caused everything to work out, Jack and Molly and Joey start attending church regularly and become Christians, and they all live happily ever after. (Except for Wendy and Rip, but we don't care about them because they're not God's Special People. Or something.)

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