The Secret Knowledge
The Secret Knowledge On the Dismantling of America Culture By Mamet, David Book - 2011

// 'the government' commit sixty years of fairly unrelieved and catastrophic error nationally and internationally, that I not only hated every wasted hard-earned cent I spent in taxes, but the trauma and misery the produced \\ Fortunately, I've never cared for Mamet so I have never read his stuff, no doubt considering him to be quite the lowbrow, which he has now unequivocally proven. No, Mamet, you are just getting older & richer, stingier and suffering from hardening of those woebegone brain arteries [atherosclerosis, sonny]. Missed the part where you served in the US military, discharged your citizenship duties, or is that only for the goyim, dude?
You remind me of all those American Jews who avoided military service but then complained that the US didn't somehow miraculously go in and rescue all the Jews [and Roma, et cetera] from Hitler's death camps! Join your Nazi-Jewish buddy, Henry Kissinger, I'm sure he'll welcome your swill! [Had you ever read anything serious in your self-serving life, like the congressional investigations into the Rockefellers, du Ponts, Morgans, Mellons and Ford, after WWII, and various GAO reports over the past 40 years, and David Talbot's outstanding books, especially The Devil's Chessboard, you might have an inkling of what you called error to be by design, sonny!]

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