The 12-week Year
The 12-week Year Get More Done in 12 Weeks Than Others Do in 12 Months By Moran, Brian Book - 2013

"The 12 Week Year" (12WY) gives me a framework for how to think about & then doing the right things at the right times in my life. The start point is having a strong desire- a *need* even- to improve how I perform every day. That desire / *need* is made concrete in my vision. Why? How I think drives how I act.

Authors Moran and Lennington have worked with many high-performers (HP) in business, sports and science; they often refer to the visualizing those HP do out of habit. My vision is thinking about who I want / *need* to be and the "life of significance" I want / *need* to live.

With my vision set, I can then decide how to "be great in the moment." The HPs decided to start on the path to achieving a single goal. At that moment, they became great because that thought spurred them to do the work that enabled becoming a CEO, winning an Olympics gold medal, becoming the best saleswoman in the U.S., or starting a business that eventually earned millions of dollars each year.

Living by The 12WY demands that I be disciplined like the HP to schedule my time to practice doing the right things, to measure the results of working my plan, to tweak the plan- according to my vision- when failures hit (there are *always* failures) and to keep chasing my goal. has a series of short videos that highlight "getting more done in 12 weeks than others will in 12 months." Decide today to take the first step: START. "Do or Do Not; there is no 'try.' " -- Yoda

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