Charmaine is a Pollyanna-esque woman who tries to see the good in every situation. Stan, her husband, does not. They aren't exactly opposites, but there's quite a gap; however, when they have the opportunity to join Consiliance and the Positron Project, a chance that includes a home, jobs, enough food, both Stan and Charmaine sign on, even if Stan is more wary.
Well, it IS Atwood's work, so you know it's all going to go to heck, but I bet you aren't expecting raunchy sexual excapades, power-hungry business execs, the poor and disenfranchised getting the shaft (of a needle), Elvis and Marilyn impersonators (both live and robotic), and offshoots of The Blue Man Group. . .
Well, maybe you aren't surprised by that:) This is a funny and touching story about love, a recession, and Possiblibots.

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