Three generations of Eton or you're not on the map.
-I'm only one generation, Sandy. So what does that make me?
You're paying the bill, Dicky. Which means... you are the map.
How long have you been together?
-20 years, come November.
Wow! Congratulations.
-It's marriage, Jonathan. It's not a state of bliss.
Any children?
-First and last.
I want to put you inside his operation. I will give you a legend as thick as your arm. You will be in so deep, you'll worry that you'll never get out of it. There's not a scrap of you that won't get used, there's not an hour that will go by that you won't be scared. But you will nail him.
You are going to put on the performance of your life. There is half a psychopath lurking in there, Jonathan. I want you to find him and stick to him. Once you get down to Devon, you are the world's second worst man, first place already taken.

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