Why do you sit so far away?
-Out of respect, I suppose.
Is that why you came all the way here? To respect me? You have many different voices, Mr Pine. You say one thing and... that person touches me. Then that person is called away and somebody quite different takes his place. We have a changing of the guard. Are you like this with all your women?
-You are not one of my women, Miss Sophie.
So why are you here? I want one of your many selves to sleep with me tonight. You can choose which one.
There is another point of view on all this. Which is what? That arming certain key players whose mobile phone numbers we happen to have in our address book might be preferable to indulging a whole new bunch of religious lunatics about whom we know nothing.
-Oh, yeah... So instead of putting handcuffs on him, we can give him a seat in the House of Lords!
Why do you call him the worst man in the world?
-Because he sells destruction, pain and death. And he laughs.

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