Inspector Murdock is a detetive with the Toronto police in the 1880s. He lives a quiet life, renting two rooms in a boarding house, still in morning for the loss of his fiance two years before.

Then the body of a young woman is found naked in the snow one night. Murdock is thrust into an investigation of sexual assualt, prostitution, and the seedy underside of the monied classes of Victorian Toronto.

Author Maureen Jennings has created a very rich mystery, where we follow Murdock as he tries to figure out who killed the young serving girl. Victorian era Toronto proves to be an intersting back drop for the typical murder mystery. Without DNA, profilling, fingerprinting and other modern crimesolving tools, Murdock still manages to figure out what happened, using good old fashioned police work.

And execellent book to curl up with on a rainy day.

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