It was cute fun read, I was actually one of the backers for the kickerstarter that help fund the book, so I also got to read two of the three side stories referenced in the book (I think they had to replace the artist for the husband's bonus comic so it's still in progress) they were also nice and short but not necessary to enjoy and understand the comic. It's awesome to see two women (women of color even!) be the focus of a Queer love story, usually a popular gay love story features two white boys usually teenagers but this story is set after they've grown up and lived their life with a husband and/or family, that even older people can still find love or rather accept their sexuality (and sensuality) and go for the love they've denied themselves.

Pros: The art was really cute, the characters were diverse (so much natural hair!!!) I think there's another volume in the make with focus on Mari since volume 1 was centered around Hazel.

Cons: the writing could get clunky and it would just pull me out of the story, relied on a few worn out tropes, towards the end I was reminded of The Notebook with Mari's situation and it kinda dampened my like just a tad

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