While A Memory of Light was great overall, I feel completely trolled at the epilogue of this book. It was not the ending I was expecting or hoping for at all. I know Robert Jordan wrote the epilogue and that's probably why it makes no sense with the rest of this book. I wonder if it was from an older draft of the story as Rand doesn't think about Elayne's pregnancy, his friends or father. It should have been changed or at least extended and it certainly did not feel like an ending. I feel that the epilogue left me with more questions than answers. Rand leaving everyone makes his sacrifice pointless and while some readers may see this as Rand finally getting an opportunity for a normal life, it seriously contradicts his goals and dreams from earlier in the book and throughout the series.

Anyways, A Memory of Light was a really good book besides a few issues here and there and the ending. I really liked that all the characters finally got to interact again and I particularly enjoyed reading scenes with the original Two Rivers party. I do wish there had been a scene with Rand, Perrin and Mat. I know Sanderson said that he wanted write one but I think that it really should have been included. Readers were told throughout the whole series that Perrin and Mat needed to be with Rand at The Last Battle and fight alongside each other. While they were sort of there, the trio were never together, and I was left a little disappointed.

But I really liked that Egwene and Rand finally got to mend their relationship. While the mending/ribbon scene had a lot of potential, I'm glad that Rand had a reaction to Egwene's death and that she helps renew his strength during the battle with the Dark One.
Something else I enjoyed was that Brandon Sanderson tried to sneak in plenty of humor whenever he could. I think this was great in such a serious book.
Sanderson also did a fabulous job with tying up loose ends in everyone's stories. (Except Asmodean of course). Some of the characters you forgot existed got their stories wrapped up and I'm impressed that Sanderson manged the billions of characters Robert Jordan created. I also love that there were no real bad words in this book.

I mentioned that this book had a few issues and this is the scene with Rand and Aviendha and Elayne toward the beginning, Mat and Tuon, and something Pevara told Androl that kind of just seemed out of place in the story.
This book may be a little hard to get through because of its length and because it is 60-70% fighting or action sequences. Still, it is interesting and these fighting scenes do contain some great interactions and moments of teamwork.
I think things we can take away from A Memory of Light are that it is good to have compassion and friendship. Trust & teamwork are important, love & hope conquer all, and it's not who you are but who you can become that helps make others and the world a better place.

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