Though the beginning of Knife of Dreams was good, the rest of this book was kind of like the last four Wheel of Time Books. The plot didn't move too much and some characters, like Elayne, were super boring. I did like that the book spent a little more time on Rand and Egwene, but I didn't think it was enough time. I also think that too much page time was spent on Mat (who's side of the story only gets interesting toward the end), and Elayne and other boring characters). Perrin's story isn't too bad, but it would be a spoiler if I said why.
So Knife of Dreams was a little bit of a disappointment, but I'm hoping that the last few books that Brandon Sanderson wrote get better and help the plot get out of the hole it got stuck in.

But if there is one good thing about this book, it's the cover! It's absolutely fabulous! Hats off to the artist!

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