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ArapahoeRead made a comment Jun 29 2020
"One of my favorite writers of historical fiction returns with this astonishing collection of short stories. The lyrical stories jump from one era to another in surprising, fresh ways. Highly recommended!" Permalink
ArapahoeRead made a comment May 30 2020
"This novella does a good job balancing sci-fi jargon with dark humor. The main character is a robot designed for security and I love the way the author writes AI." Permalink
ArapahoeRead made a comment Apr 24 2020
"A wonderfully unique, lyrical novel that attempts to capture the voices and stories of a small town on the Oregon coast. For fans of literary fiction who aren't as concerned with plot." Permalink
ArapahoeRead made a comment Mar 23 2020
"Interesting novel that interweaves an epic story of the West with an intimate look at life on the frontier. Its character-driven style might not be for everyone, but I was fascinated by this new take on a "Western."" Permalink
ArapahoeRead made a comment Mar 05 2020
"A fantastic, inventive novel that I will be thinking about for a while. While the plot is enjoyable, what makes this unique are the wonderfully detailed characters that we encounter throughout the story. Highly recommended!" Permalink
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