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jcljessicaj made a comment Dec 22 2020
"I'm new to the world of fanfic, so this romance based in that world was so much fun! I did have to look up some terms at the beginning, but that made it even more enjoyable for me because I got to learn about something new. The relationships of th..." Permalink
jcljessicaj made a comment Dec 19 2020

Snow in Love

Book - 2018
"Well this was delightful! Four short romances centered around the holidays. Each had their own flavor, which I appreciated. The last of the four was my favorite because the majority of the story was told through text messages - very well done." Permalink
jcljessicaj made a comment Dec 04 2020
"In general high school romance novels aren't my thing since the relationships tend to be so easily shifted. What kept me reading this one though, is that it came out at about the same time as I was a senior in high school. The pop culture and tech..." Permalink
jcljessicaj made a comment Dec 03 2020
"I have mixed feelings about this play on Alice in Wonderland. One of my favorite parts was that the narrator was a third character that took breaks in the story to address the readers/listeners. It was like they were actually sitting there telling..." Permalink
jcljessicaj made a comment Nov 30 2020
"This was so fun and exciting! We listened to it on a recent long car ride, and it helped the drive fly by. We had to keep pausing it to discuss our theories and guessed as to who was who and what was what. I loved that it had the feel of a Sherloc..." Permalink
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