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ArapahoeKirsten created a list Jun 05 2020
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Black Contributions to STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math)

"Learn about Black contributions to STEM fields with these library resources. This list was compiled by the Arapahoe Libraries Technology Specialist team."
ArapahoeKirsten made a comment Jun 15 2018
"An excellent guide to getting workplace interactions right, written in an engaging style. If you work with people, as an employee, colleague, or boss, this book will come in handy and prepare you for many situations. I highly recommend the audiobook!" Permalink
ArapahoeKirsten rated a title May 16 2018
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ArapahoeKirsten made a comment May 16 2018
"This deep dive into the making of "The Room," the best worst movie ever, provides a fascinating account of the set and a glimpse into the mysterious life of Tommy Wiseau, the man behind the film. An engaging story that is thought-provoki..." Permalink
ArapahoeKirsten made a comment Nov 25 2017
"A beautifully illustrated erotic graphic novel (volume one of five) about two women exploring BDSM, with a focus on trust, safety, and friendship. I loved every minute of reading this!" Permalink
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