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Feb 13, 20183 out of 5 stars
If there's one thing that the original 'Die Hard' wasn't, well, it wasn't some generic action movie. Alan Rickman played a fantastic, sneering villain who drove a thrilling plot with tense, finely-done scenes. Unfortunately, 'Die Hard II' is a kind of standard, here-we-go-again film that recycles the first movie's plot only without the same charm. The new villains, a group of ex-military radicals propping up a foreign ex-dictator, are one-note, generic characters to the point of being outright boring at times. Bruce Willis' rambunctious attitude and natural charisma as John McClane still shine through. Yet he has a hard time having to basically carry the whole movie on that, with the side characters being either fundamentally uninteresting (such as the main bad guys) or simply not given enough to do (such as McClane's family). The film remains worth seeing in the end since there are genuinely some fun, energetic moments. Yet 'Die Hard II' ultimately manages to be just average when it could've been fantastic.