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Jun 3, 20201.5 out of 5 stars
For a factual explanation of the root cause of the issues the film raises see “The System Who Rigged It, How We Fix It” by Reich, Robert B. _____ "The System..." available for checkout at the library. - _____ This film is misguided, hypocritical propaganda, as always is the case with propaganda. Grossly unsupported leaps of reason from beginning to end. Opening scene is of the creator as a child reading history and asking questions, a warning of the childish reasoning to come. Then comes an exhausting montage of clips from the 2016 presidential campaign media coverage. Without explanation the opening barrage of endless clips interestingly enough shows itself to be the zeitgeist of our times. The ceaseless stream of snippets that shower us daily and are so easily manipulated, misleading and incomplete, much like this film. As the propaganda progresses some historical interesting facts are present, but is clearly cherry picked and ignores inconvenient historical facts. Lacking nuance and something more than a narrow black and white understanding of the world, facts are distorted and conjoined with wild conspiracy to form a Frankenstein’s monster of fiction. I feel sorry for the Columbia historian interviewee who probably didn't realize that he'd be plopped into a film that doesn't live up to the academic rigor he represents and is used to. A hypocritical quote from the movie is telling. "What's going on is the falsifying and reshaping of history", said about Margarete Sanger in regards to her views on eugenics being left out of Planned Parenthood literature is all the more true about this film itself. Nitpicking on and twisting convenient details while painting the rest with broad brush strokes a truly slanted view comes alive. Blatant conflations explain a twisted theory that, because Republicans, led by Lincoln ended slavery, therefore Democrats to this day are in favor of slavery, and somehow because Hitler built on the eugenics movement and US racism (slavery) therefore Democrats are fascist like Hitler. Some of the visual effects are well done, others cheesy, same said for the historical reenactments. A highlight is a bizarre interview of a far right extremist that shows what happens when two misguided fear mongers test each other’s ideologies. As the film comes to an end the creator who often features himself throughout the film grandiosely compares himself to the White Rose, a Nazi resistance group fighting the good fight by speaking out against tyranny. As if he couldn’t help himself there’s not just one musical number, but two musical interludes to end on a high note. However, music is not enough to help us to forget that as it denounces the propaganda, attitudes and atrocities of the past this is a hypocritical example of modern day propaganda. Pure hypocrisy... This film is only recommended for gaining insight into what sort of mentality, and distorted and narrow beliefs extremism creates. Probably also reinforces extremism for some, but that is not recommended.