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Jan 18, 20144.5 out of 5 stars
Some kids just fade into the background, and in Brian's case this is more true than for most. He is quiet, shy, loves his imaginary worlds, and is never invited along. For most of the story, Brian is shaded gray, compared to the very colourful appearances of the other children. That is until, one day, a new classmate arrives. From that point on, as the new boy encourages him, he becomes more involved, and his shades are replaced by new hues. A soft chalk look keeps a very hard topic from becoming depressing, while also emphasizing the artistic ventures of the kids. There are few books out there that discuss the child that is left out (especially separate from the issue of bullying). Yet few others are needed, when this one does so well to portray the boys loneliness, the cause, and the inclusive attitude that is needed to solve this. It only takes one kind and mindful friend, to give hope to the shy.