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Ramona Quimby: [Watching a commercial, reciting the slogan] "Royal Peanut Butter: There's a bit of magic in every jar"! Bob Quimby: Is that one of your favorites? That's the rack we gotta get you into, 'cause those TV kids make millions. Ramona Quimby: Beezus, do you think I could be in a commercial like that? Beezus: [Fixing Ramona's hair with a curling iron] Sure, you'd make a great frog. Ramona Quimby: Hey! Beezus: Hold still. I'm almost done. Ramona Quimby: It's picture-perfect, right? Beezus: Let's be realistic, Ramona. This is a curling iron, not a magic wand. [She puts the curling iron down and holds up a mirror for Ramona to see what her new hairdo looks like] Beezus: But, all things considered, I'd say you've never looked better. Ramona Quimby: I love it! Thanks, Beezus!