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Forklift conflicts. It's not so easy sometimes. One forklift per department. We don't get along so well with Canned Goods. With Sweets we're fine. And they're on a friendly warpath with Gourmet Foods and Frozen Goods. For some reason, pet food is in Detergents. Who knows why. They only have a small forklift. Doesn't even have power steering. So no one wants it. In Siberia... Frozen Goods, they don't even have one. It's too big. That's why Klaus runs around with the power jack. === What a chatter-box you are, I can hardly get a word in! === The kid's losing it. -You mean your son? Yeah. He wants to go to college. I say to him, "get your craftsman diploma first, then you have a solid foundation." He's totally losing it.